The EFFICIENTx AquaJet - Rotary Screen Stripping Machine

Economically and environmentally friendly stripping of rotary screens


Worldwide consumers are becoming more and more aware of a responsible and sustainable textile production. The chemical cleaning method is expensive, environmentally damaging and harmful for the employees.


Rotary screen cleaning with the EFFICIENTx Aquajet is a cleaning method which both protects the environment as well as your employees and safes you money as it is much cheaper than the chemical cleaning.

See the EFFICIENTx AquaJet at work

10 reasons why to choose for the EFFICIENTx AquaJet

1. Low cleaning cost

Cleaning with the EFFICIENTx Aquajet is much cheaper than with chemicals. Cleaning cost can be as low as 3 US$ per Screen depending on cost for water and electricity. Also it is much cheaper than with any other rotary cleaning machine. This is because we only use high-quality components and the latest technology, which leads to a maximum service life of the wearing parts.


2. Excellent cleaning results

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet guarantees a 100% clean rotary screen after the stripping process. 


3. Extended life time of your screens

Your screens can be cleaned up to 5 times and more when cleaning with the EFFICIENTx Aquajet whereas chemical cleaning causes massive quality losses of the screen due to the corrosive chemicals.


4. Automatic release of the end rings

When cleaning with end rings on the EFFICIENTx Aquajet, the end-rings can be released automatically by removing the duct tape with the high pressure beam of the first and last nozzle.


5. Smoothing of the screens

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet also will smoothen the surface of the screen due to the high pressure and the temperature of the water. So slight creases in the screen will be removed or at least reduced.


6. Maximum operator safety

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet is designed not only to protect the invironment but also to protect the operator. Proximity switches ensure that the machine immediately stops when opened during operation. 


7. Fast amortization

Depending on th workload of the EFFICIENTx Aquajet, your amortization can be within 24 months or less.


8. Maximum availability

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet guarantees highest availability and is made to work 24/7.


9. Highest Quality

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet is made in Germany and fulfills the highest quality standards in the market.


10. Higher fabric quality 

Cleaning with the EFFICIENTx Aquajet is adding no chemicals to the fabric, thus your fabrics will be of a higher quality.


The EFFICIENThigh pressure pump

At PMT we only use high-quality, world-class products in our EFFICIENTx Aquajet stripping machines.


This also applies for the high-pressure Pump from BFT, one of the leading manufacturers of high-pressure pumps.


BFT has a worldwide network of highly qualified service people to support our customers on-site if needed.


Due to the low pulsation of the operating pressure the wear of the high-pressure components is reduced to a minimum. That is why the operating cost of the EFFICIENTx Aquajet is significantly lower then with other systems.

Technical Data:

  • 30 kW (400V / 50Hz)
  • 3,1 liter per minute water flow
  • 3.800 bar maximum pressure
  • 2.500 bar operating pressure
  • Easy Touch-Screen operation
  • Dual filter to prevent damage
  • Integrated oil catch
  • Integrated booster pump
  • CE certified
  • TÜV Austria certified

The EFFICIENTx stripping unit

The EFFICIENTx Aquajet stripping unit is made of stainless steel of the highest quality.


It is 100% Made In Germany and completely manufactured of stainless steel which is etched and passivated to protect the EFFICIENTx Aquajet from corrosion and guarantee a maximum life time.


The EFFICIENTx Aquajet stripping machine is easy to operate and comes with a large storage space unterneath the cleaning chamber. It comes with standard parameters for all repeats which can be modified by the operator to fine tune depending on the screens used.  


Nozzles and brushes of the EFFICIENTx Aquajet can be changed easily and without special tools..


For the safety of the operator all EFFICIENTx Aquajet stripping machines are equipped with safety switches as standard to ensure that the pump tuned off immediatly when the cover is opened during the stripping process.


The EFFICIENTx Aquajet can be used for the following repeats:

  • 640mm
  • 725mm
  • 819mm
  • 914mm
  • 1.018mm


Can be used for stripping of rotary screens with a maximum lenght of 3.500mm.


Cleaning results with the EFFICIENTx AquaJet

(Water only)

The high water pressure removes the ink particles mechanically from the surface.

The special AquaJet - Effect blasts the ink particles gently and completely from the surface of the screen in 0.00005 seconds. By the minimum exposure time of the water jet, between screen and brushes there will be additional smoothing of light bumps.


Cleaned with the use of chemicals


(Microscopic images magnified 500 times, 125 mesh)

Available Downloads:

Brochure EFFICIENTx AquaJet
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